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Who are we?

Ziezta Agency is specialized in TikTok and therefore differentiates itself from other agencies. Being specialized in TikTok, where the target group and content development are completely unique compared to other social media platforms, companies will be focused on this platform

There are many brands that don't know how TikTok can be used as a marketing platform, and we  want to help so that different brands get the opportunity to be known through TikTok.

Passion for TikTok

The transparency of TikTok is the driving force behind our interest in the medium. We have seen how a medium has been created where the influencer has the opportunity to build a credible and personal bond with their followers, in a credible and natural way.


This is the basic element of why we believe that branded content on TikTok is and should be the future. A place where both young and old people can interact based on realistic content.


The potential is enormous, and the increasing interest supports precisely the potential that I have personally been captivated by. With Ziezta Agency, we want to create a future on the growing medium TikTok, between today's influencers and talented brands.

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